Friday, January 20, 2012


So I just found out about Apple's iBooks Author app, and got extremely excited. The idea that I could create my own textbook fascinated me. I could be sure that my students received the information they needed and it corresponded perfectly with the way it was being taught. No information would be switched around, there wouldn't be any jumping around, and I wouldn't have to worry about teaching topics that aren't in the book. Even if I just made a textbook for my classroom, there could be tremendous benefits. By making 'personalized' text books we could cater to the needs of our students, our district, and our teaching styles. To me, this is much better than an online course (even though they are closely related) because the material can be written in the way that works for the course and the instructor. Earlier in education, curriculums were driven by textbooks. Teachers would follow a book from chapter 1 to chapter 20, one after another, and use all of the resources that came with that book. Now, with all of the common core and assessment anchors and standardized testing and everything else that's (invalid) and driving education, teachers are creating their own curriculums and moving all over the place in textbooks. If we need to create our own courses, it only makes sense to create our own books that follow that course.
Now, I'm not 100% sold on the idea of an e-textbook (and my school does not have classroom sets of iPads), but still, just the thought of it is awesome. It would be something that I would love to try.
My only quarrel: the software only runs on a mac, which I do not have. I need a PC version so I can create a textbook (or $$$ so I can buy a mac and iPad).

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