Tuesday, February 14, 2012

12 Inches of Math (informer!)

We built our first snowman with our daughter this weekend, and it was a tremendous amount of fun. She didn't do much work, but she gets excited everytime she sees it.
I've been trying to harness my inner-nerd this year; trying to find math in everything I see and do. I figure if I want my students to see math in the world, I need to be able to see it too. I imagine this is how Mystery Guitar Man approaches his videos: searching for music in his everyday surroundings and discovering how he can use those sounds to create something new and original that is both visually and audibly pleasing in order to send the message that music is everywhere (hence my previous post, worlds collide). I feel that I'm getting better at recognizing various situations and their mathematical values, but it's taking some time to develop this mindset.
After building our snowman, I realized that there really wasn't that much snow on the ground to begin with, which you can tell from the dirt and mud in the picture, it was just the perfect wet snow for building. I wondered, how much snow did we use in building that snow man? If we would've used all of the snow in our backyard, how big would our snowman be and would that beat the world record? How much snow actually fell (not just how many inches deep)?
I realize that if I'm following the mathematical storytelling model, you should come up with these questions, but they were just some thoughts. Essential info will be posted later (before the snow melts).

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